How to Draw Comics Michelangelo Inks

by 08.27.2014

The ability to draw is paramount when it comes to creating comics.

That said it’s easy to forget that the pencils alone will never be seen in the end product. Ultimately, it’s the Inked contours of that drawing and rendered Colors that are combined to create a finished comic book illustration.

In this video you’ll discover the true and tried, digital inking insights I’ve gained throughout my experience in comic book illustration. Inking over the pencils drawn up for Mikey in last weeks demo, I’ll show you exactly how to apply these techniques so that you too can give your pencilled comic art some slick, streamlined, color ready lines.

I’ve also taken the time to create and in depth narration for the video, so that as you watch you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the process and the thinking that goes behind it.

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Comic Art Penciling Demo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Michelangelo –

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