Drawing Harley Quinn – Part 2: Refinement

by 12.28.2014


Firstly, a big THANK YOU for your incredible patience in getting this out to you. (It’s been a busy few months).

I’ve just wrapped up on Part 2 of the Harley Quinn series, which shows you how to create a Comic Book Illustration, all the way from rough draft to finished pencils.

Here’s what you’ll learn in part 2.

Continuing straight on from where we left off I’ll show you how to turn a roughly defined foundational sketch into a slickly polished piece of line art. Throughout the video you’ll discover how to –

• Use Line Weight variations to create an array of varying visual effects that deliver maximum appeal to your art work.
• Define Interconnecting and Overlapping Lines to enhance depth within your scene.
• Use Reference material to accurately define the elements that make up your illustration.

In case you missed Part 1, here it is! http://youtu.be/AsJnLqNGXCY (It covers the all important foundations that hold up a well-structured drawing, so don’t miss out on it)

Enjoy, and have yourself a very happy New Year!

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