“Warrior Kings” written and performed by, Ryan Tyler Palmer, Lyrics included in the description!

by 10.22.2016

Title and Lyrics:

“Warrior Kings”
Written by, Ryan Tyler Palmer

Wolves came in scores, through the bloodsoaked lagoon, Trampled
Valorous corpses, all cleaved, and all hewn,
They growled viciously, and before we ran them through,
We smiled playfully as we howled at their moon!

Chorus: Don’t cry for me, dry your eyes my darlin’
I’ll slay them all, then I’ll ride home to you.
We warrior kings, will survive my darlin’
We’ll drink to life, then I’ll ride home to you.

Conceived without loves permission, she lives
Mocking noble cupid who weeps upon his full quiver,
An involuntary tithe in troubled times yields nigh,
The angels cried, spirits shine, no shadow would survive.

Haunted by the dark lord he knows her secret,
Can a flicker of hope light an eternal darkness?
Tried to hide, from his burning eyes, to our
Dismay a flicker was all he needed to find us!


Tis day of demon, Earth will kneel, Evil’s flame,
Forges angry steel,
Clashed, teeth gnashed and wicked hearts agreed his needs,
Dark pact the means fulfill ambitious deals.

Prey upon the saddened weak, bloody path is shown,
Demon speak, a soul to seek, reaping what is sewn, Spirit
Chains scrape remains, what lies amidst the ashy stones?
The moans of those whose bones alone were spared to build his throne!


They come by quarter horse, for my head in the morn,
They’ll row it abroad by the sea,
But my skull was too cold for the demon kings of old
So they cast it and let me die free,
They cast it and let me die freee, yeah!


Outro: And they sang to us, passionately,
And they cried for us, their little innocent things,
Angels lied to us, we can never be free,
God lied to us, we can never live free…

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