Endless Depths Part 2 – Coloring

by 02.23.2017

Finished version: http://lortiamjb.deviantart.com/art/Endless-Depths-in-Autumn-664456476
Continuing on Endless Depths with coloring it this week, please check out the first part if you haven’t seen it yet! https://youtu.be/PifP9MQvdsc
The coloring of this piece was done digitally in Paint Tool Sai with a Huion GT190S pendisplay. The linework and sketching was done traditionally.

If people want to I can go deeper into how I do my coloring in another video but I generally lack the time to work through commentary. I do however livestream everything I draw and always am free to chat there.

DeviantArt: http://lortiamjb.deviantart.com/
Livestream: https://picarto.tv/LortiaMJB
Finished piece:

Music by Bensound.com

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