How To Draw: DEMONS – Minion

by 04.27.2017

In Part one of the ‘How to Draw Demons’ series, you’re going to learn how to draw comic book styled hell spawn – beginning with the ‘Demon Minion’.

You’ll see my entire creative process unfold from start to finish, as I draft up the foundations of the demon’s design, and then show you how to refine it, render it and ultimately polish it up into a fine tuned piece of penciled comic art.

As I refine the design of the Demon Minion, I’ll explain the reasoning behind the creative decisions I’m making along the way.

You’ll learn how every aspect of the design plays a role in the characters appearance, weather it contributes to their physical appearance and abilities or their context within the world they’re a part of.

I’ll also show you how to make the design of your demon kin more unique and interesting, by incorporating a variety of unique materials and detail textures, as well as building additional anatomical attributes off of the character’s main body structure.

This tutorial is a great introduction into my method for creating comic art and the various elements that come into play such as line weighting, shadowing, rendering and detailing – to create an intricately detailed ghoulish hell fiend.

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