How To Draw: DEMONS – Demon Spawn

by 05.10.2017

In Part 3 of the How to Draw Demons Tutorial series I’ll show you my process for drawing an intricately detailed, comic styled Demon Spawn.

Making use of a range of Comic Art methods and techniques I’ll develop the initial idea for the demon from a very rough, rudimentary sketch and build upon the art work as the demon’s design takes form, and ultimately refines itself into a finely polished, penciled illustration.

The core focus of this Comic Art tutorial will center around accentuating the underlying skull structure of the demon to create an additional level of creepiness within the design, as well as how to utilize multiple comic art rendering techniques to depict a range of different materials and textures.

I’ll also discuss my relaxed, organic approach to the creative process and the kind of head space I find works best for developing a compelling creature design.

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