Comic Book Cover Illustration – Spider-Man: Homecoming

by 06.10.2017

In this tutorial you’ll learn a new approach to Comic Book illustration that veers away from the traditional penciling, inking and coloring workflow.

Rather, I’m going to take you through the process of creating a digitally painted, comic book illustration of Spiderman.

One of the reasons I chose Spider-Man as the subject for this week’s Comic Art Tutorial is because I wanted to put something out there for all the Spider-Man fans out there, patiently waiting for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie!

Plus I don’t often create fan art so this gave me a great opportunity to jump in and present my own take on Spider-Man.

It was also a great opportunity to show you my techniques for creating a digital painting within Photoshop. This tutorial takes you through a similar process you might see used in the creation of a painted Comic Book Cover Illustration, rather than the traditional Comic Art approach used commonly for the interior of a Comic Book.

You’ll learn how to draw down the foundations of a digitally painted Comic Book Illustration before picking the base colors used to establish the overall mood and feel for the art work. You’ll then watch as I block in the base shadows and highlights and blend them together to establish the key forms of the character.

Once the first pass of rendering is completed, I’ll then build up the highlights and refine the art work to a finer level of detail, articulating the anatomy and subtle details within the materials of Spider-Man’s costume.

To polish off the digital painting of Spider-Man, I’ll then tweak the overall color scheme and contrast using the Curves and Color Balance Adjustment Layers within Photoshop – and add an additional bloom effect across the highlights through the use of overlay layers and using a soft airbrush to increase the cinematic quality of the piece.

Thanks for watching!

Software Used: Photoshop
Real Time Length: 4 hours

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