Comic Book Cover Illustration – The Phantom (The Ghost Who Walks)

by 07.21.2017

In this Comic Art tutorial you’re about to learn the digital painting techniques I like to use in Photoshop when it comes to creating a digital illustration.

In today’s demonstration I’ll be painting up one of my favorite Comic Book superheroes of all time – Lee Falks, The Phantom – also known as ‘The Ghost Who Walks’.

My goal in this Comic Art tutorial is to give you an inside look into my Digital Painting workflow from start to finish.

We’ll begin the illustration by sketching down the foundations of the general idea, where I’ll share my creative thought process as I explore and establish the overall composition for the digital illustration.

Once the pencils are down we’ll move onto the flatting stage for the colors, where we’ll decide on the core color scheme for the painting before rendering out the forms with the base shadow and highlight tones.

Next I’ll discuss the process of incorporating environmental lighting effects into the illustration to create a compelling mood and atmosphere intended to ground the character within the established scene.

And finally we’ll polish off the painting by zooming in to smooth out the details and sharpen up the forms and contours within the illustration for a crisp, eye-catching finish.

Along the way I’ll also share some of my thoughts on incorporating story into your digital paintings and comic book illustrations, how to make the key focus points within your paintings distinct so that they stand out, suggestions on how to pull yourself out of a creative slump – along with a whole bunch of other neat tips, tricks techniques and philosophical thoughts on the art of comic book illustration.

I hope you enjoy the video and that you get a ton of insight of it.
Thanks for watching!

Software Used: Photoshop
Real Time Length: 5 hours

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