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How To Create Speech Bubbles In Photoshop

by 08.20.2017

In this Comic Art Tutorial you’ll learn how to create word balloons digitally, inside Photoshop.

The best approach I’ve found is to get the dialogue for your Comic Book placed into the panel first so that you can get it positioned and composed before framing it with the speech bubble itself. So that’s the first step – preparing the dialogue with the correct placement and formatting.

Next you’ll learn how to use the Elipse Tool and Pen Tool inside Photoshop to create a word balloon around your character’s dialogue – then how to shape and modify the word balloon to ensure it frames the lettering within it.

Finally you’ll discover how to easily adjust the thickness of the speech bubbles outline, add contrast to the dialogue to create visual interest and preserve the word balloon’s shape to ensure easy adjustment later on if needed.

I hope you enjoy the video and that you get a ton of insight of it.
Thanks for watching!

Software Used: Photoshop

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