God Bless Texas – Micah and The Hatman on Politics!

by 09.01.2017

Disaster never strikes at any opportune time. We rarely find ourselves prepared for it, mostly because we don’t realize the reality of peril until it sits right in front of us. The state of Texas is quite possibly the greatest state in the United States, and it unfortunately is being tormented with Tropical Storm Harvey, which has effectively flooded Houston. I’m currently in Texas, and as I drove through the outskirts of the storm, I could only imagine the fear that people in Houston have felt these last few days. Still, people find the need in this trying time to try to politicize a natural disaster, on top of try to smear people like Joel Osteen with lies for reasons that couldn’t be anything but sinister. We’ll be discussing that today, plus the Evangelical Church’s Nashville Statement, the media’s shift on Antifa

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