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The Making Of Mecharna

by 09.03.2017

In this Comic Art Tutorial you’ll get an inside look into the creation of Mecharna.

This Comic Art walkthrough highlights the importance of keeping your drawings loose in the beginning, focusing only on capturing the pose, placement and proportions of your comic book characters. In turn, you’ll be able to keep your attention on the all-important fundamental principles that need to be kept in mind to create a solid foundation for your comic book illustrations.

If you focus on every component of the drawing all at once, you’ll tend to often feel overwhelmed with the task ahead. You might also miss some of the fundamental principles that need to be considered at the beginning of your drawing’s development, which can lead to a disproportioned or weirdly posed comic book characters. The easiest way to avoid this of course is by small-chunking the process into manageable steps.

Next we’ll move onto the refinement stage of the drawing where you’ll learn how to articulate the anatomy and design of your characters based on the underlying foundation previously established. With a sturdy base sketch to work upon, this becomes much easier, and we’re better able to predict the success of the drawing.

At this point of the process we’ll also learn that when it comes to drawing female comic book characters especially, much of the anatomy will be defined by the outside contours of the body, rather than the interior muscle groups.

Finally, I’ll take you through my process for coloring comic book illustrations. This time around we’ll be taking a slightly different approach. Rather than the typical airbrushed look many comic books tend to take on using the cut and grad technique, I’ll be taking to the illustration with a somewhat more painterly aesthetic.

I hope that you enjoy this comic art tutorial and that you get a ton of insight out of it.

Thanks for watching!

Software Used: Photoshop & Manga Studio

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