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Crash and Burn – Micah and The Hatman

by 09.09.2017

I find it odd that there’s a group of people who think that every day is opposite day. Zoe Quinn has released her book called Crash Override, and I wouldn’t call it a powerhouse upon release. It being listed number one in “social media guides” on Amazon is sort of like being the winner of a marathon when the competition is nothing more than snails and turtles and you’re allowed to drive a Corvette. Quinn is being lauded as a hero by her z-list celebrity friends, such as child molestation apologist and former NFL afterthought, erm, I mean punter Chris Kluwe. Then, you have the goony male feminist Wil Wheaton, who is such a good feminist he’s been caught objectifying them on the Suicide Girls subreddit. He’s got a thing for redheads with wide hips. My question is this. How is Zoe Quinn a hero, when her most notable accomplishment is complaining about how mean people were to her on the internet to the United Nations? Again, it must be opposite day, because that’s a sniveling coward’s way of doing things.

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