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Dream On – Micah and The Hatman on Politics

by 09.09.2017

If I were to sit here and ruminate on the idea that blatant partisanship and such are ruining the ability to have any sort of discourse here in America, I’d be saying the same thing as any other conservative. With this week’s discussion, I simply have a question for the Left. Are we a nation of laws, or a nation of feelings? Trump is doing away with Obama’s executive amnesty, and the former President threw what I like to call an “educated tantrum” meaning that he called Trump a big stupid doo doo head meanie with a much more expansive vocabulary. Thing is, Obama made one error. He didn’t make an argument for why his unlawful action was the right decision. It was all based on emotion. So, I ask. Are we a nation of laws, or a nation of feelings? We’ll be discussing the decision by Trump and what it could lead to, plus Celebrities talking politics, the New York Times’ unwillingness to be honest, and Steve Harvey working with Ben Carson.

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