How To Draw Pennywise – From Stephen King’s “IT”

by 10.16.2017

In this Comic Art Tutorial we’ll break down the pencilling and inking process for Pennywise, from Stephen King’s IT.

We’ll start from the very beginning, using a basic, very rudimentery draft for Pennywise to establish his pose, placement and proportions. From there we’ll gradually begin to build up the drawing, roughly defining the character’s facial features, hair style and costuming.

The initial development of the Comic Book Illustration is meant for exploring and experimentation of the idea, so we keep it rough intentionally to ensure we don’t become attached to any one design direction too early on.

Once the overall idea is drafted up, it’s time to move straight onto the inks, as we define Pennywise’s final outline and proceed with the line weighting, rendering and detailing stages of the Comic Book Illustration.

At this stage of the process, balance is absolute key! Ensuring that the line work and rendering is placed in according to the light direction as it casts down onto the character.

As the illustration unfolds, we’ll also focus on a range of different topics such as how to calibrate your brush size and the amount of pressure you apply to your drawing tablet in order to capture slick, sharp and energetic line work within Manga Studio.

You’ll discover how to push your art work to the next level by facing your drawing obstacles head on – as well as how to let your style grow and evolve without fear of losing your artistic identity.

I’ll also discuss how your artistic style develops over time through the help of your influences.

I hope that you enjoy this comic art tutorial and that you get a ton of insight out of it.

Thanks for watching!

Software Used: Manga Studio

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