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How To Foreshorten Muscles

by 10.24.2017

Foreshortening the human figure in perspective is one thing, but what the individual muscle groups that fill out the larger forms throughout the body? In this comic art tutorial we’ll address this topic by covering the major and secondary proportions of the arm.

We’ll begin by establishing the size relationships between the core forms that make up the shoulder, upper arm, forearm and the hand. Then we’ll subdivide those proportions into the individual muscle groups that reside within them that will then allow us to accurately distort the placement and sizing of the arms anatomy according to the perspective we’re drawing it on.

Although the main focus of this tutorial is on foreshortening, this tutorial also covers the simplified anatomy of the arm, and points out the importance of defining a powerful silhouette for its shape.

I hope that you enjoy this comic art tutorial and that you get a ton of insight out of it.

Thanks for watching! – And keep on CREATING!

Software Used: Manga Studio

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