Vlog – A Sour Kraut and the Skeptic™ Police

by 12.17.2017

It seems as if Kraut and Tea, and other members of the Skeptic Community have created a Discord server to hunt down members of the alt-right. Or people they perceive as the alt-right. Or anyone who doesn’t agree with them, most likely. People like Jeff Holliday, Thunderf00t, Some Black Guy, Based Mama, Skeptorr, and Buntyking have all gotten in on the fun, and even threw around the dox of Aydin Paladin.

The Skeptic™ Police have arrived to save us all from a few hundred people. In this video I make the arguments against the alt-right for them, because they can’t do it themselves.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SargonofAkkad/comments/7k966l/doxing_people_targeting_nonaltright_youtubers_for/


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