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Jon Del Arroz’s Epic Military Sci-Fi Extravaganza Take 2

by 03.21.2018

It’s the release date of Jon Del Arroz’s The Stars Entwined ( http://bit.ly/thestarsentwined ), the new space opera / mil sf from everyone’s favorite multi award nominated Hispanic author. To celebrate the book, we have the veritable who’s who of military science fiction to talk about books and their love of genre with us. Schedule of outstanding authors:

2:45 PM Yakov Merkin
3:00 Richard Fox
3:15 Robert Kroese
3:30 C.J. Carella
3:45 C.T. Phipps
4:00 Cedar Sanderson
4:15 Amy J. Murphy
4:30 John F. Holmes
4:45 Mark Wandrey/ Chris Kennedy

Buy their books everyone!! And also read The Stars Entwined. http://bit.ly/thestarsentwined

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