Woke Supergirl Vs. Broke Non-Non-Binary Friend Having Supergirl. Shreddy will feast tonight

by 03.30.2018

Comic book Thunderdome – Woke Supergirl Vs. Broke Supergirl.
Bigmouth Strikes Again is dedicated to Zachary and Magdalene Subscribe now to – Diversity, Inclusion, Compassion, Kindness & Comics. A true national treasure.
After seeing Ironman 3, Diversity,Inclusion.Compassion, Kindness & Comics became an expert in both comics and cinema. He is the TRUE voice of diversity in comics. Diversity,Inclusion.Compassion, Kindness & Comics lends his unique comics knowledge and his unblinking eye to a comics death match where one comic gets shredded. Twitter me at twitter @dickandcomix or email me at [email protected]

Special thanks for the intro by Robert Harkin @DoomsdayPicnic
& special thanks to Sugar Cat @SweetyCat0000 for the outro

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