Anime Midwest 2018 Review with CosplayKitti!

by 07.19.2018

Anime Midwest is a convention held annually in Rosemont, Illinois. The event has two main buildings that host the con’s features such as panels and eating areas. The Donald Stephen Convention Center is where the large Dealer’s Hall and game room are located, along with a few panel rooms. In the Dealer’s Hall, there re hundreds of awesome vendors to browse around for hours. They sell all sorts of items like figurines, Japanese candies, body pillows, you name it! The Artist Alley is also a part of the Dealer’s Hall, so tons of amazing artworks and keychains can be found there if art if more of your forte. You could spend hours in the Hall, and possibly even get lost! In the game room, you’ll find a ton of fun games to play with your friends! Dance Revolution, racing games, and fun drum games are all the rage with the most updated technology! More of an old school games fan? No problem! They have games such as Street Fighter and Asteroids! If you’re more into computer and console games rather than arcade style, they have thousands to choose from as well! Fandom meet ups are on the outside of the convention center. I had trouble finding the area at first, but once you find it, it won’t be hard to locate it again. And if you’re feeling drowsy from that last minute hotel costume crunch, the con center has its own Starbucks! The special guests and voice actors usually do their meet and greets and signing over at the center as well, so if you’re looking for a specific voice actor, you’ll probably be able to find them here.

If you don’t mind the walk, right across the street from the Donald Stephen Convention Center is the Hyatt, the hotel where most con guests stay for the convention. At the Hyatt, they have quite a few lounge and food areas if you get the munchies. More panel rooms are located here, as well as the Formal Ball on Friday Night. The rave is also held over at the Hyatt too. The cool thing that Anime Midwest has that few other cons have is the Con Sweet, a place where hungry congoers can get free ramen and rice the entire weekend! If your cosplay breaks, no problem! The con also has a free cosplay repair room that lets you walk right in and fix anything you need!

Overall, this con was wonderful! They had kind staff, awesome panels, and other great attributes that made the con experience amazing! I would definitely recommend this con to friends, and I plan on attending again next year!

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