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Of Carnivals and Comicsgate-A Comicsgate song parody

by 06.09.2021

Yes, yes, I’ve missed you too. It really does get trickier each time. Anyway, ENJOY!!!!! More soon, need a girl singer!! Enquire at [email protected] which just so happens to be my Paypal/Tipjar address, can you believe it?? LYRICS-

There’s a carnival at Comicsgate-
And even if you’re overweight-come on down-
With rides designed to hold you in-
Even if you have more Chins-than Chinatown-
We have games and prizes-pies of all sizes-
Unicorn-dogs roasting-over Manga fires-
Triple X-doesn’t mean sex-in Comicsgate-World-

An intoxicated Cecil may-
Step into-the ring today-with Cara Dune-
Our Trebuchets all in a row-
For launching mainstream comics pros-beyond the moon-
Uncle E assures his loyal patrons-
An evening’s entertainment-brimming with class-
So let’s go see-a pocket pussy-get pegged in the ass—

The Jack Show panel starts at ten-
With Anna Kelsey and Malin-what a treat-
And Cecil just might demonstrate-
A new technique to mastuerbate-with deli meat-
It’s a Fan-Fest unlike any other-
So step right up-forgot those industry jerks-
And tonight the mainstream goes up-
Just like fireworks—-

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