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How to Make Reactionary SJW Drama Farmer Videos like Xanderhal feat That Star Wars Girl

by 06.17.2021

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So you wanna make a reactionary youtube video?

One of the cool things about the interent is the removals of the barriers of access to public broadcasting. In the old day So you wanna be a youtuber. But you’ve videos but have no talent or

So the first thing you wanna do, before you even begin the meat of the video is prejudice your audience against the person you’re gonna talk about. You could say something like “oh this person is just a reactionary”

Say something like “I’ve wanted to cover this channel for a while, because ive seen clips of this guy and how much of an idiot he is.”

Don’t bother doing any research on the topic ahead of time. Your young and a super genius you already know everything anyway.

If youre one of the people who are here solely because Xanderhal name is in the title of the video and i’ve framed this lesson on how to be a reaction channel around him, hello, please like and subscribe. If youre watching a video of him reacting to this video on a live stream, hello, did he call me a Tankie yet?

So Anna is an angel. Shes ranked 6th most influential in #ComicsGate and number 1 in the fandom menace. Her channel #ThatStarWarsGirl has a 6 figure sub count, she not just “that star wars girl” unlike #Xanderhal she actually has personality, sure she’s a star wars fan, but shes also a Henry Cavil stan, shes a proper artist – and comic campaigns featuring her art work have made over $100k. And im not simping for her here. I only simp for Martina.

Now, I have no beef with a channel for being reactionary. Just be interesting and add something to the conversation.

One of the reasons that I’ve chosen this particular video to demonstarte the tactics and techniques used is that this is a great representation of how minimal effort this approach is. Contrast what Xanderhal is doing with what Anna is doing. Theres an argument to be made that Anna is a star wars news reactionary channel and thats fine. Find something you are passionate about and talk about that to as many people as you can. And Anna is really really good at this. In the original video – link in the description – she delivers an impressive impromptu X minute monologue at an impressive pace with virtually zero hesitation, deviation or repitition. Totally unscripted, you can see she not reading it. Her ability to do this, to just ad lib entire sections of video with ease, is something I am incredibly jealous of. Xanderhal would do well to take notes. But hes oblivious, his ears are not open. He is not listening hes just waiting for his turn to talk. He’ll constantky take it back to sexist objectifications of Anna rather than asking himself “how can I be better? How can I be more like Anna?” When it comes to Star Wars news reactions Anna sets the benchmark because shes so good at what she does. Shes better at this than someone like Grace Randolph and in a parallel universe Anna could easily have been sucked up by the House of Mouse, and become one of those manufactured Disney super kids who thanks to Disney exploiting child labour law gets taught how to sing, dance, act the whole shebang. A detrimental missed opportunity from Walt Disneys frozen head and I’m glad that shes on our side.

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