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Warren Ellis “Bluebearding”, Kelly Sue DeConnick believes the mob over HER lived experience in forum

by 07.10.2021

In common parlance, ‘bluebeard’ means to “seduce and then reject one woman after another”. Strange times when the graduates of the Warren Ellis Forum grow up to be comic book professionals, and throw the man responsible for helping them reach their heights under the bus without any clear proof. Of course, bad behavior is bad behavior, but proof and evidence is paramount before we can condemn someone. Alas, in the court of social media, all this is moot, as so often seen. Warren Ellis apologizes profusely, but will it be enough to save him?

Kelly Sue Deconnick met her husband Matt Fraction on the WEF Warren Ellis Forums, has posted multiple times over the years on twitter how much of a positive influence Ellis was in her own life. In a live video stream on Instagram, she acquiesces to the mob demands and says she believes the accusations of “Bluebearding” over her own lived experiences. It appears to be quite the conundrum for her.

The Warren Ellis Allegations have root in a website where more than 60 women came together. It has root in the Warren Ellis Forum (WEF). The Warren Ellis Forum was an online community where established comic pros and up and coming creators and fans would conglomerate. It was a gestation chamber, turning out creators who would go on to work with the biggest comic book companies, television, film, and more. A few of the bigger names to sprout from the forum are Gail Simone, Ed Brubaker, Brian Wood, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue Deconnick, Kieron Gillen, and Chip Zdarsky.

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