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Warren Ellis on PAROLE, Alex de Campi DEMANDS change from editors, Time’s Up for Comic Pros

by 07.11.2021

The Fallout after the Warren Ellis accusations. Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith announce that they were reviving “Fell” at Image Comics. Image Comics walks back from publishing the new work from Warren Ellis.

“This week’s FELL announcement was neither planned, nor vetted, and was in fact, premature. While finishing Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith’s FELL is something we’ve been looking forward to for years, Image Comics will not be working with Warren on anything further until he has made amends to the satisfaction of all involved. It is our sincere hope that the conversations that are beginning now will result in positive changes for everyone. Please visit SoManyOfUs.com”

The parameters of his “parole” are as follows:

1. Acknowledge his actions in their entirety.
2. Acknowledge his pattern of harmful behavior.
3. Acknowledge that he has callously hurt people.
4. Contribute to transformative work to dismantle the systems which allowed this to go on.

Former Warren Ellis Forum member Alex de Campi has a list of demands for editors: “publish more women”, “hire more women, queer people, and PoC as senior decision-makers / editors / publishers”.

Scott Snyder was one of the mainstream comic pros who came out and disavowed Warren Ellis despite it was Snyder himself who recruited Ellis for a 2020 DC Death Metal origin story.

In a now deleted tweet, Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen asserts that “These companies are floundering and failing” The threat from upstairs is that they’ll go to all reprints and stop producing new material. They’re doing everything they can to stay alive.”

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