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Me Having An Epileptic Seizure

by 07.16.2021

This is me.
I’m hooked up to an EEG machine. In order to see if I was eligible for brain surgery to help manage my epilepsy, they gave me this test. For 3 days I was hooked up to this. They don’t let you sleep, flash lights in your eyes, make you hyperventilate, and barely let you eat. This is to stress the body out and force it to have a seizure. The seizure is recorded and the records analyzed.
I was not eligible for surgery.

Epilepsy is more common than most types of cancer and Parkinson’s combined. There is no cure and treatments often barely manage it. It affects all ages and can be developed at any time, for numerous reasons, or sometimes the cause is unknown. The affects on the body- both from seizures and the medications and treatments- are harsh and often debilitating. There are many ways to die from seizures, including SUDEP: Sudden Unexpected Death From Epilepsy, which happens while an epileptic is asleep.

I am lucky in that only 2 relatively small pills a day manage mine pretty well.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

For more information and ways to help epileptics, go to http://www.epilepsy.com

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