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Emerald Knights Book Trailer

by 07.18.2021

Emerald Knights Book Trailer is finally here! An illustrated novella full of epic violence and orc camaraderie! Plot synopsis below or… hit play!
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Once Upon a Time,
To the distant North, there was an orc dubbed Yoren Burnside. He was a being of great renown and high honor. To the King of Falnor, he was knight and soldier, but to the people of the realm, he was protector and friend.
A knight… a protector… a hero.
War plagues the lands of Falnor and Hurn. Bitter disputes between kings rage, raining hellfire on the land and innocents. Once more, King Harold must call upon the orcs of his kingdom to stand and fight. But the war is not what it appears to be and neither the alliances therein. What horrors await wonton hearts strewn across the field of battle? When the fear takes hold, and the gore and the howls and the horror of battle clutch the minds of lesser men. They are unknown, left dying in the dirt, unremembered… but not to him.
Yoren Burnside rises to bring peace to a war-stricken land. It is dark and absent of hope, yet he and his knights fight on. For Emerald Knights… do not kneel.

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