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How To Draw Comics The Shelby Robertson Way | Bringing 90’s Nostalgia Back To Comics!

by 07.29.2021

90’s comic books gave us some of the most impactful artwork the industry had ever seen – with muscle bound brutes, bad-ass super heroes, sexy heroines and massive guns, coated with intricate rendering and dazzling colors to boot!

The superstar artists of the day began a new era that some argue marked one of the best times in comic book history. They broke away from the status quo, started their own studios and reveled in the huge success of their independent titles.

Many of us are still hooked on the nostalgia of 90’s comic books, believing they encapsulate everything a comic should be. Shelby Robertson is one of those people, possessing a style that upholds the best of the 90’s aesthetic.

In this interview we’ll discuss his approach to drawing 90’s styled comic art – revealing his methods for drawing action packed poses, energetic line art, intricate rendering and sequential story telling.

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