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Speed vs Quality In Comics With Dan Fraga

by 08.05.2021

A comic book legend joins us today – Dan Fraga aka Fragaboom!

He’s worked on titles such as Spider-Man, Bloodstrike, Kid Supreme, Superman, Black Panther, Witchblade, and Wolverine – And now his own Black Flag!

But that’s not the reason you’ll want to tune into this interview.

As comic artists we all share a common struggle – Getting our work done fast, and making it look awesome at the same time.

It’s a near impossible balance to strike. If you want speed, you’ll end up sacrificing quality. You want quality, then you got to slow down.

A lack of either has consequences too.

If you do away with speed then everything becomes a slow grind. Sure the work you’re doing looks insane, but at this pace, it’ll take you forever to complete a full comic book! 

It’s simply not realistic. 

On the other hand, if you swap out quality for speed, you end up producing a lot of art that’s simply unmemorable. It lacks the wow factor, and people can tell it’s rushed.

So the question is, can we have both? Who better to ask than a seasoned comic book pro.

Dan Fraga will reveal how he has dealt with this dilemma throughout his career – producing amazing work while hitting those all important deadlines.

We’ll discuss the expectations of the mainstream comic book industry when it comes to quality vs speed, and the differences between working on your own book and someone else’s.

What does too fast, and too perfect look like vs work that’s on time and good enough? Dan will give his take, drawing from his vast experiences on multiple projects.

Then we’ll get into tactics as Dan shares his approach to producing the best work possible within a limited time frame – and what to do when that deadline is looming and you’re way off being done!

Did I mention this interview is LIVE?

That means you can join us! So come hang out and ask us your questions, share your thoughts. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the great Dan Fraga.

See you there,

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