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Breaking Into Comics (With Andy Smith)

by 09.04.2021

Breaking into comics is tough.

The sad reality is, for some it might never happen.

Even for those who eventually get their leg in the door, it can take a fair while.

More often than not, our emails are ignored. Our phone calls unreturned. And if you’ve ever submitted your work to a publisher, you know how painfully true this is.

You never get used to it either. It feels like a kick in the guts every time. 

But why do our artwork submissions and carefully worded emails get overlooked without explanation?

It comes down to our portfolio. Yeah, there are other factors at play (and we’ll talk about those too in today’s interview…

…but mainly it’s your portfolio that gets you through the front door.

So, if you’re not hired, and/or no one wants to publish your book, your portfolio probably has a lot to do with it.

The worst part is, publishers won’t even bother writing you a rejection letter. You just won’t hear back from them.

Silence is even worse than rejection, because without an explanation, you’ll never know where you went wrong, or how to fix it.

Studios like Marvel don’t even accept applications. From anyone! They find you. But they’re still looking for the same stuff they’d want to see in a physical portfolio.

It’s just that now, with the advent of the internet and social media portfolios have taken a on a whole new form.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s other factors that come into play. Your follower count, social media history and industry connections also weigh into your chance of success. 

Today we’re going to figure this out once and for all. Together. So that you can make your dream of working in comics an actual reality. 

I specifically picked Andy to discuss this topic because he’s worked in the comic book industry for over two decades on such titles as X-Men, Green Lantern, Batman, Superman and many more.

He knows what the big studios are looking for in a portfolio.

So if you want to build a career in comic books, and you’re looking to break into the industry, don’t miss this interview.

And watch it LIVE. That way, you can ask us specific questions you want answered when it comes to scoring your first comic book gig.

When it comes to working on the biggest titles, with the superstar talent you may well collaborate with some day.

But only if you play your cards right.

Avoid the rejections, the ignored emails. Learn how to make the publishers take notice with a winning portfolio.


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