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Message to Jocko Willink re: Extreme Ownership & CHAD1000X 2021

by 09.06.2021

Summarizing my ‘impossible’ recovery from the worst category of Covid19 currently on record in the U.S. (per my medical team) + pneumonia in both lungs, & a challenge to Jocko Willink after hearing his Podcast Episode 296 with Sara WIlkinson and Jason McCarthy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FAhtwg2h1Q

For me, “impossible” is a word; not a limit or an excuse.

Instead of dying or vegetating in the hospital like ‘experts’ thought I’d be doing right now, according to conventional medical ‘wisdom’… I’m training for the CHAD1000X with approx. 25% lung capacity (up from 1%) and improving rapidly.

Despite being called “Medical Miracle”, “Medical Marvel”, “Impossible Man”, Miracle Man”, etc, I think of myself as an average person who tries to live an adventurous life. I want to show other average people that they can do above average things, as others have shown me throughout my life.

I’d be honored if you’d be willing to share this with anyone you know suffering from the current-day reality of Covid19: patients, their loved ones, students, employers, employees, or anyone else feeling anxiety or fear related to the virus and its effects.

Special Thanks to Chad & Sara Wilkinson for the inspiration to train & register for CHAD1000X 2021, and to Goodstuff Comixgater for video editing assistance.

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