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Rebound #1: The Starting Line — Sign Up Trailer

by 09.28.2021


The Copper Age is Back!

Rebound is the first in a series, and hopefully, an entire universe, that takes superhero comics back to the core of what made them great, and brings the best elements from the past into the present day!

After years and years of deconstruction, if not the outright demolition, of the superhero genre, Rebound is the start of the reverse: The reconstruction, and rebuild, of the super.

Rebound #1 is a 48-page full color graphic novel. Written and Created by Tyson J. Rock, Art by Andrea Errico, Lettering by Eric Weathers, a poster by Sashi Perdigao, a variant by Matt Weldon, and made possible by YOU!

It will be funded exclusively on Indiegogo. Sign up today… you won’t be disappointed!

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