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Rob Multari’s SNOW PAW promo video

by 09.30.2021

Cirilla “Cirray” MacKinlay is a strong-willed farm girl, born and raised in the Scottish Highlands during the 19th century, who dreams about a life of adventure. Upon discovering her Pureblood Monoki werewolf lineage, Cirray’s eyes are opened for the first time to the existence of supernatural beings and creatures of Fantasy. With the aid of Silver Mane, a fellow Pureblood Monoki, Cirray must find her place in the world while training to master her lycanthropy in order to battle the Dark Covenant of the European region, led by the malevolent Mongrel Monoki, Grim Fang.

Cirray MacKinlay is Snow Paw!

Snow Paw is a favorite character for many who have been reading Night Wolf and were introduced to her in issue three. Wolf Pack fans have been howling for Snow Paw’s story ever since. Rob was inspired to pen Cirray’s tale because he wanted to create a strong character that his daughter could enjoy while introducing a new generation of comic book readers into his world of werewolves, fantasy, and lore. This was his opportunity to bring Snow Paw’s origin story to life, set over 200 hundred years before the events of Night Wolf.

Rob Multari’s Snow Paw is launching on Kickstarter October 13, 2021.


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