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2010 10 07 Death in the Family Dc Showcase Reviewed – Caution: BAD AUDIO

by 10.07.2021

Reviewing the DC Showcase as streamed on HBO Max. Death in the Family is non-interactive so I am calling this a mixed bag. Not sure it is worth buying the physical media if you have another choice for spending money.



Discover Sgt. Rick Rally, a Sgt. Rock-like hero of “Circus” Company in WW2, who will face the supernatural destroyer Tiamat. The Reich has desperately summoned the Babylonian dragon to combat the press of Allied forces.

This is the Indiana Jones 5 you really wanted. This team is assembling. Follow OnComics on YouTube to see weekly progress.

Sign up to be a part of the adventure and get your free trading cards. The book will be offered on IndieGoGo.


Temple of Tiamat is looking for it’s audience. Drop your email to see if that is you!
Remember when in #WW2 we in #USA knew who we were? This morning’s news leaves Lonnie more convinced this is a worthy #comic #indiegogo campaign! Be the audience that changes entertainment https://youtu.be/SSwQP5UVLSk
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