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ArriveCan App Fitness Data Privacy Commission

by 08.04.2022

ArriveCan App has the fitness permission to track your fitness data, which could include heartrate, sleep cycle, steps walked. It was found to track location, then that permission was removed from the app. Data correlated between CBSA and PHAC, with data dashboards that show drilldown. Emails from users was spammed, sold to third-parties. Privacy Commission investigating.

From my own investigation, it looks like the ArriveCan apps on both android and iphone have permissions to use your fitness data, which means in theory, the app could be tracking whatever your phone is logging, sleep cycles, heart rate, and if you’re a woman, maybe your menstrual cycles too.

The ArriveCan app was caught out using location data, in fact very specifically fine location data which allows as close as possible to the meter location information by using GPS, WiFi and mobile cell data all correlated together.

My name is Rohan Kumar Pall and I’ve been a professional software developer for 22 years, most recently as a Chief Technical Officer for a startup in Ottawa before being fired for streaming at the freedom convoy.

When digital systems and data are merged together, they give a wider view on the dataset. In this case the people are the dataset, and the data being merged is from public health and border services.

You can see here that the data is coming the ArriveCan App, namely public health data, and from Contact Trace, border services data. The data is being linked together in a database and then also drilled down into with a data dashboard.

The eDeclaration app has been until now a voluntary app that received very little uptake. Marco Mendicino, who I like to call Mendacious Marco announced that the functionality of the eDeclaration app will now be inside ArriveCan, which of course they like to push as being mandatory under the penalties of the Quarantine Act.

The messaging is contradicted with fact as the ArriveCan App itself in the description states that it is not necessary for Canadian citizens to use and that you can not be stopped from boarding a flight or entering Canada if you decide to not use it. Knowledge is power. More info on that in the previous video.

What was supposed to be a temporary app, is now becoming entrenched and instrumental as a key component of what is being called “the border of the future”.

The same email address that is used for the ArriveCan App must be used for testing. Third-party companies receive these email addresses from the Public Health Service Agency (PHAC).

Turns out, these email addresses have been sold to others and unsolicited emails also known as spam have been sent by private companies who have this data from Public Health.

The privacy commission has a statement to that effect.

This only shows how your information, if given to the government, under the auspices of using the ArriveCan App, ends up in other people’s hands.

Know your rights and stand up for them! H.A.I.L. BRETHREN!

We say H.A.I.L. FREEDOM for a reason, because the world needs a little more Honor, Accountability, Integrity, and Loyalty.


H.A.I.L. Honor, Accountability, Integrity, Loyalty

My name is Rohan Kumar Pall, and our family came to Canada for Freedom. If you have experiences with either contesting a ticket or your travelling experiences with the ArriveCan app please email me
[email protected]

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