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UPDATED: Comicsgate.org and @ComicsgateVideo Twitter crack into Google’s front page of CG search results as Comicsgate turns 8

by 08.04.2022

It took about 18 months or so, but Comicsgate.org has cracked into the front page of Google’s search results for “Comicsgate,” surpassing years-old hit pieces by the Washington Post, Inverse and Vulture from 2018 as the consumer revolt against woke, corporate, mainstream comics that led to an indie comics revolution enters its eighth year (the #Comicsgate hashtag dates back to Aug. 2014 on Twitter).

I first noticed the result on June 28, when I posted it to Twitter, however, as with anything else you want to make sure it’s still there in days, weeks or a month, which it’s been.

After researching Google Search Console to see what changed, it appears that featuring That Umbrella Guy’s videos on Comicsgate.org led to a large influx of traffic during the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial. “That Umbrella Guy” as a search item led to 71,000 impressions for the site over a three-month period. Thanks, Tug!

Also similarly albeit briefly featured on Google’s front page of “Comicsgate” search results was the @ComicsgateVideo Twitter handle, which recently surpassed 1,000 followers. But the result at least for the @ComicsgateVideo might have been a temporary surge where Google puts a trending relevant result into the front page as sort of a “wild card,” similar to how Twitter trends hashtags. @EthanVanSciver similarly trended into the top Google results recently, as well, at about the same time Comicsgate.org broke into the top results. I’ll keep monitoring but that’s still a good sign because it means more traffic is incoming than usual.

Both Comicsgate.org and @ComicsgateVideo still must overcome the evil of the Wikipedia “Comicsgate” article — which Lucent creator and CGNow.net editor Michael Bancroft once called a “slander farm” in a video about the article — to potentially claim the top spot on Google for the search term.



Comicsgate.org and @ComicsgateVideo both feature many Comicsgate creators’ latest YouTube videos. The @ComicsgateVideo Twitter account was created after being suggested by Adam Post when I appeared on his program in Feb. 2021 shortly after launching Comicsgate.org, after I noted that the website had the built-in capability to auto-post to social media like Facebook and Twitter.



Recently, I noticed that I had forgotten to turn on hashtags for the Twitter account’s postings, which now all feature #Comicsgate #TeamComics and #Comics hashtags for a few weeks now. I’ve definitely noticed a measurable uptick in engagement since doing that, and it might be helping the #Comicsgate hashtag to trend on Twitter as well, which has happened a few times since the change was made. (I initially thought that Eric July’s launch of Rippaverse and Isom #1 was singularly responsible for the trending, but now with @ComicsgateVideo getting into the Google search rankings, too, even briefly, it has me thinking the subtle change is helping a lot!)

What’s important is that Comicsgate is trending across multiple social media sites and search engines now, too. That makes it just a little bit easier for new readers and YouTube viewers to find creators.

Autofeeds are not that fun to read through sometimes, but that’s not why they are necessarily useful. I like to think of them as branding and sort of an ongoing commercial for Comicsgate creators. As long as they keep making videos, the website and Twitter feeds are always being updated. It’s that simple. Those are thousands of inbound links to the website that Google cannot ignore.

In May 2021, it was Adam Friended and Charlie’s London discussing Comicsgate’s troubles on Google and Wikipedia, particularly the need for Search Engine Optimization, that ultimately led me to reach out, see the need and eventually develop the Comicsgate.com website, which will be a crowdfunding site.



At that time, I was already purchasing Google ads for Comicsgate.org, but now, the website will show up on the front page every time someone searches—organically! We’ll do the same thing with Comicsgate.com when it’s done.

It all works together. By putting the biggest Comicsgate professionals like Ethan Van Sciver, Jon Malin, Yellow Flash and others all in the same location, explicitly calling it Comicsgate, eventually it was going to get the attribution it deserves and let Comicsgaters say who they are. It’s still got a long way to go to build up more traffic, but it’s a start.

UPDATED 8/4/2022, 12:30p.m. EST to add details and to note that @ComicsgateVideo‘s tenure in the top results was, for now, likely because the account was only briefly trending.

Robert Romano is the Editor-in-Chief of Comicsgate.org.

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