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by 09.14.2022

GET YER GAME FACE ON! Artist Andy Smith & writer Dennis Turner join Mike & JS to talk Fantasy comics, Football & Feelings — literally ALL the F-words • Well, ok… maybe not ALL of them • They mostly talk about Smith & Turner’s tremendous, sword & sorcery graphic novel KOR-DRATH: THE RECKONING!!

For those who’ve just returned from being banished to a forgotten realm for 31 years… That’s exactly how long ANDY SMITH’s been drawing comics (what are the odds?) for puny lil’ places like Marvel & DC & Image & Valiant & more! Don’t know DENNIS TURNER? Aside from being Andy’s co-host on the DENNIS & ANDY Show https://youtube.com/channel/UCw9g4eHHJRzbywOBi0fzpug • he’s…oh just watch the episode! We’re not gonna’ do EVERYTHING for you • Sheesh‼️

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