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WOKE Kevin Feige Pushed “DIVERSITY” In Marvel Films To Make Up For Losing China Box Office!

by 09.15.2022

China blocked Marvel films, because they want only Chinese made blockbusters and Kevin Feige decided to make up the lost revenue from China with sloppy diversity efforts across the entire Marvel universe of content.


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Disney lacking

On the China side. Marvel is dead in China. Not the brand. The sales. The Chinese government wants to play hardball, wants to cut off the MCU from their box office. It’s all politics and propaganda. They want the biggest movies made in China, playing in China. But that was the big driving force behind Marvel strategy for a decade. We were supposed to get to finish Infinity Stone saga, saturate western markets, then growth was in Beijing. Now we’re locked out. Same as Star Wars but different reason. Lucasfilm mismanaged Star Wars in China, made it all too hard to get into for an audience that was new, so that killed the market. For Marvel, Beijing has a vendetta against us. We got too big and the communist hand has slapped us down. So now we have to find a new place to grow. That’s why we pushed hard into “diversity.”

I’ll explain the quotation marks.

Diversity at Marvel doesn’t mean what you think it means. It isn’t races and religions and disabilities. Diversity is equal with representation. So the idea was that after Black Panther, we could put into representation on everything to make up for the China loss. Not all of it. But too, we aren’t supposed to represent everything and everyone. We don’t do Christians or Jews, we don’t do strong male white leads in heroic spots. It’s not that those are bad at Marvel going forward, it’s that we’re told we already have the market for those groups. Why make more of something when you can slow burn your big stuff for those demographics and parents keep buying it at the same rate?

Lately tho – and this is why I wanted to reach out to you with more than I can usually give – representation and diversity are political. That’s why I am worried, along with others, that this is going down the Star Wars blackhole. They don’t mean to make it political, they just are political and don’t know it. They don’t leave their bubbles. Instead of doing new stuff based on race or sex, we have to do it based on behaviors. Then in meetings, we’re told behaviors are representations. It’s not enough to have diversity based on background, we have to have diversity based on the way people act. Why do you think She-Hulk is how it is? They’re trying to create a new Marvel market for neo feminist women. We’re trying to grow in every direction all at once and have the belief the old fans will stick with it through all of this.

But that isn’t the case. They know it and can’t hide it. The flops have been gigantic embarrassments. People aren’t turning to Disney+ to get the Marvel shows the way it was planned. Same time, they aren’t willing to change because this is a Feige strat and it is all about his ego.

But the Feige strat is failing. Everyone knows it. Your toy expert knows it. Our partners know it. But then people when the phones are away will ask, “why aren’t you adjusting — why don’t you go back to what works?” That comes down to ego. Feige thinks he can hold out long enough to build the new markets with all the DEI on screen, then he thinks he can buy back the old fans with a huge spending spree for multiverse stuff. They’re bringing everybody back they can get. Anybody who worked on anything Marvel + more. Money is being thrown at the problem like crazy (maybe not RDJ tho, that relationship is soured).

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