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THE TERMINATOR: HUNTERS AND KILLERS #3 REVIEW. “Das Boot” with killer robots!!

by 11.04.2022

Written by Toren Smith, Adam Warren and Chris Warner. Art by Bill Jaaska and Jeff Albrecht. Cover by John Taylor Dismukes.

As a Soviet commando team prepares to launch the world’s last remaining nuclear weapons against the killing computers of Skynet, an assault team of Terminators–led by undetectable “stealth” units that copy real people in every detail–makes a desperate attempt to seize the missiles and use them to destroy the human resistance. Soviet commando Larisa Bandera becomes convinced that the former KGB missile technician needed to launch the missiles is not what he seems. As time runs out, Bandera is faced with a terrible dilemma: if she kills the technician, will she be protecting the missiles from a Terminator, or–if she’s wrong–protecting the Terminators from the missiles?

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