🤖 ARTISTS TERMINATED BY AI ART GENERATORS? | The Debate on AI Generated Art That’ll Leave You Torn

by 12.06.2022

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The AI Art apocalypse is nigh… or is it?

The advent of AI Art has a lot of Artists concerned for a number of reasons. They don’t want their art used without reciprocity. They don’t want to lose their jobs. Most of all, they don’t want the years of hard work they’ve put into developing their skillset to be undermined by the click of a button.

In this video, Ed Foychuk and I debate AI Art, and the potential impact it could have on artists – for better or for worse.

Plus, you’ll also learn:
✎ The common thread between artists and AI art generators that no one wants to admit.
✎ The number 1 thing AI Art doesn’t do, that crosses the line for artists
✎ What most of us haven’t considered about AI art generation, and the irreversible consequence it could have on all our creativity
✎ Why the creative process of artists might be more derivative and less ethical than AI art.
✎ Why artists could be worse off without AI Art generators



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