FAN ART FRIDAY! Season 2 Episode 2!

by 01.20.2023

Welcome to FAN ART FRIDAY- Where I actually draw art for you, the fan! One lucky fan can have their character of choice drawn, and I’ll even send you the original art! I just ask that you pay the shipping & handling! Simply be the first to tell me what to draw and you win!

Here’s how it works!

1. Once the stream goes LIVE you can comment with your character… comments before will not be considered to keep it fair.
2. Characters must be an established character to be considered. Meaning I will need reference to draw it, and if no reference exists I can’t draw it! Also, I just ask that the characters be family friendly.
3. If you win this week, please wait 4 weeks before commenting again with a character to keep it fair and allow others to get a character as well!
4. To get the original art shipped to you I just ask that you pay for the shipping cost (plus mailer, protector, etc.) only $5 in the US. Contact me if elsewhere in the world. If you don’t pay the shipping I’ll keep the art! Simple! Also, tips are appreciated!
Send payments here…
Please just put Fan Art Friday or the character you got in the PayPal notes if you could as well, thank you!
5. That’s it! Have fun and be courteous in the chat!

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