Disney+ on the Brink of Disaster? Hollywood Analyst Weighs In

by 02.04.2023

Hollywood Analyst Claims “Disney Reckoning-Sorry, Reorganization-Is Coming Shortly”. Hollywood analyst Matthew Belloni recently claimed that a reckoning is coming for The Walt Disney Company amid massive changes in the entertainment industry that’s seen contractions in spending across many of the major companies.

The Puck analyst would go on to point out how many of the major media companies from Netflix to Warner Bros. Discovery are finding ways to cut costs whether that is cutting down on the amount of films and TV series they are creating to removing poorly watched series and films from their streaming services to cut down on hosting expenses.

After outlining these strategies and others these entertainment companies are doing to cut costs and find new sources of revenue he declared that The Walt Disney Company will have its own reckoning as its forced to face the reality of the current entertainment industry.

That reckoning might be coming sooner rather than later for CEO Bob Iger and The Walt Disney Company who not only gambled much of their company on Disney+, but at the same time began not only alienating, but actively insulting and being antagonistic toward much of what used to be their core audience namely families.

Even if you haven’t followed the inner workings of The Walt Disney Company, one can see just how accurate Peltz is when he notes Disney has squandered its superior IP and underperformed companies like Netflix.

The company also severely damaged its family brand when it embraced immoral identity and gender politics by opposing a bill in Florida preventing the teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation to children in kindergarten through third grade.

The last theatrical release for Disney Star Wars was back in 2019, over three years ago. The franchise has been relegated to television, and the quality of the shows has been mediocre at best.

On top of Star Wars, the #Marvel brand is quickly following suit as its most recent Phase 4 was axed earlier following poor grosses from films such as #Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Black Widow, #Eternals, and #Thor: Love and Thunder.

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