Why Boys need MASCULINE Role Models in Entertainment

by 02.10.2023

It seems like lately there has been a desire to get rid of the #male #hero. Any male hero, of course, but especially the white male hero. Any movie with a male protagonist is seen a problem from the outset. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize until it isn’t there anymore. Perhaps it was how 2020 went down, where the last people who were going to win any awards were white men. Even movies about white men were frowned upon.

But we need #men. We need male heroes. We need strong tough guys or smart resourceful guys – or just GUYS. It is as fundamental as our need to drink water or eat food and it isn’t something we should do without. It is sort of like removing a female character’s sexuality because that too is somehow not fashionable anymore. Why? What would be the point of removing something so essential? It is arguably the most powerful force on the planet – getting rid of it makes the world and especially movies, a less interesting place.

It’s not going to be great if this becomes some kind of unwritten rule going forward: no more male heroes.

Many prominent voices on the Left seem to be perfectly comfortable with the idea that art should not REFLECT life, comment on life or offer satire or criticism of the human experience, but rather to dictate how people should think, how society should function and what we all should fear. The idea being, we have to “do better” as a society and never be offensive, not to a single person ever for any reason. Our rules are becoming more strict in order to leave no marginalized person behind, to never promote “bad” ideas, to always reach for the perfect America we know we can be.

Boys need to see heroes celebrated in mass media. Not deconstructed or perverted. Heroes like Superman, Batman, Luke Skywalker, Optimus Prime, Conan, Thor and Iron Man have become vital masculine role models in our culture, and they should be preserved and protected.

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