BABE #4 REVIEW. The plot stops suddenly and then continues? Did John forgot to write/draw that part?

by 02.21.2023

Story and art by John Byrne. Who is Ralph Rowan? Who is Gideon Longshadow? And what is their interest in the fabulous Babe? Since Babe doesn’t know herself, she can’t tell them. Babe doesn’t know where she came from, how she ended up on the beach, why she’s so incredibly strong, why nothing hurts her, or why she can… breathe underwater? Can’t everybody? From the world of John Byrne’s Danger Unlimited comes a woman who walks out of the waves and into the wild world of southern California, wearing nothing more than an enigmatic smile for the sleazy Hollywood agent who sees in her not his wildest dreams, not his ultimate fantasy — but a nuisance interrupting his busy day.

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