👊💥 HULK SMASH! Critiquing the Entries of the Sequential Summer Slam 2023 Contest – With Ed Foychuk

by 03.04.2023

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In this video, join Ed Foychuk as he takes a deep dive into the entries submitted to How To Draw Comics . NET’s Sequential Summer Slam Contest. Artists were challenged to create a 1-2 page comic book sequence featuring the Hulk in the Planet Hulk arena, battling it out against an opponent of their choice.

Ed brings his expertise to the table, offering valuable feedback and constructive criticism on each entry. He shares tips on what could be improved in terms of composition, panel layout, character design, and more.

As you watch, you’ll gain insight into the creative process behind making a comic book sequence and see how each artist approached the challenge in their unique way. You’ll also learn about the technical aspects of drawing, including shading, line work, and coloring.

Whether you’re an aspiring comic book artist or simply enjoy learning about the creative process, this video is sure to provide you with valuable insights and inspiration. So grab your sketchbook and join Ed as he reviews the entries of the Sequential Summer Slam Contest!

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