But Still Here (2016) DOCUMENTARY #widow #widower #cancer #disability #indieartist

by 03.06.2023

In 2013, I broke my leg while directing a movie, editing another, and meeting my wife, Stephanie, for the first time. This documentary was produced in 2016 documenting the journey. I am presenting it to a wider audience for the first time ever. It is dedicated to the memory of my beloved wife, who lost the battle to cancer in October, 2022, but is now in glory before our Lord.

Featuring Wanly Florexile, the director of HOPE: A Brooklyn Story and founder of Flo X Films.

I am also the creator of Roadwarrior Drake, whose second graphic novel, Beast Citizen Roadwarrior Drake, is currently taking emails for its sign up period before it launches in the summer. Sign up below at:


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