CG Wrastlemania 2

by 03.06.2023

The main event of the year has arrived! CG Wrastlemania 2!

1. CG Hell in a Cell Match featuring Ethan Van Sciver, Cecil & Jon Malin vs. Graham Nolan, Shane Davis and Dale Keown

2. Fang Gang (Ali Sanguis & Piper) vs. Red Valkyrie (Shae the Red & Cy)

3. Tag Team Championship – Diaz Brothers vs. Gentlemen Scoundrels (C)

4. Women’s Championship – Mandy Summers vs. Irene Strychalski (C)

5. Men’s Championship – Joe M Sonntag vs. Mark Poulton (C)

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Mark –

Breaking Rad:

Primetime Poulton:

*** While I’m sure you’ll be cleverly deceived by the lifelike appearances of our fighters, all credit goes to WWE2K19, WWE2K22 & WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth and their glorious custom creation systems. We will soon bask in the warmth of the uncanny valley…***

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