How April O’Neil Got Her Groove Back

by 03.09.2023

YouTuber Angry Joe Requests Apology From ‘Isom’ Creator Eric July After July Called Him Out For False Accusations Over April O’Neil Race Swap Criticism

Vargas went after July, Rippaverse colorist Gabe Eltaeb, Inglorious Rex creator Shane Davis, YouTuber Melonie Mac, and Twitter user AVATARpolitico accusing them of racism and wanting to sexualize young children for their reaction to not only the race-swapping of April O’Neil, but also the dumpy character design in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem film.

July criticized the race-swap and design writing on Twitter, “‘Tell me, you didnt pay money for this…? New TMNT animated reboot opts to tokenize April O’Neil as a FAT black woman! This has resulted in fake fans spreading already debunked misinformation. DOA. Full video is LIVE on YouTube!”

Eltaeb quote tweeted July writing, “April O’Neil is a white, red-headed lady. Just stop you dummies.”

Davis also shared his thoughts on Twitter writing, “I know the attack on redheads is real, but come on! April O’Neil is white!”

YouTuber Melnoie Mac also tweeted, “As always people are pulling the racist card at any April O’Neil criticism (white “activists” at that). April is supposed to be beautiful, they could have given us a cute, black April. They made her ugly on purpose, race plays no role in that.”

“This is April O’Neil? Another Red head gets bodied by ‘diversity’ lol Nah im good… won’t be watching..” tweeted AVATARPolitico.

Vargas took issue with these valid criticisms accusing them of being racists and and weirdos. He tweeted, “Racists: April O’Neil is WHITE not BLACK! IM TIRED OF BEING REPLACED! THIS IS BS! WoKE! WOKe! WoKe!”

He continued, “‘NOT-RACIST’ Weirdos: I dont care that she’s BLACK but WHY ISN’T this 12 yr old HOT & SEXY instead of UGLY & FAT?! Can’t Wank!”

Vargas concluded, “Rest of Us: Who the F*** cares? Is it a good movie?”

Davis responded to Vargas’ tweet writing, “No, it’s already BAD cause it doesn’t respect the source material. The WOKE are creatively bankrupt and can’t create anything new of value, so you attach loved IP with forced DIVERSITY!”

Davis also responded to Vargas’ accusations on YouTube saying, “I want an April O’Neil that was in the original content that she was a reporter, meaning an actual news reporter, I would still like that if that’s okay with you, Angry Joe, that is trying to get the scoop on these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Foot Clan, and all of that. I would still like to have that.”

“I would still like — because I am a fan — I would like my character not to be race-swapped. Make a new character if you will, if you want a black woman in the film. Make a character that is a black woman and then sell me on that character. Don’t take an already established character that people seem to love and adore that’s really part of the big folklore of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I mean you cannot make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle anything without April O’Neil,” he continued.

Specifically addressing Vargas’ accusation of racism, Davis said, “I personally don’t like just straight up being called a racist for just not agreeing with the race swap of the character. That doesn’t make [me] racist.”

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