INCENDIARY! – Where Are Our Customers Finding Our Comics?

by 03.09.2023

Creator of Chrome Dog #01: Perfect Strangers and the Out of Obscurity anthology, Justin Sweet, joins the panel to have an INCENDIARY! discussion about where customers can find our indie comics! It’s not just on crowdfunding anymore! Join us in the Chat! @JustinKSweet

Brian Menard, Dojo Kun Comics’ “Projectile Reptile” InDemand now on IndieGoGo! Closing SOON!

Jake Adams, TaleEnd Studio’s “Cobalt: Death Stalks Us” InDemand now on IndieGoGo! Closing SOON!

SmilingBandito’s “Black As Hell”, featuring the amazing art of Jeremy Thevenot!
Sign-Up page available now on IndieGoGo!–3/coming_soon/x/11628866

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