by 04.29.2023

Hey All!

If you’ve ever wondered why or how the world has gone crazy then let us be the first to welcome you to FiRSTWORLD. FiRSTWORLD is a land where nothing makes sense, feelings trump facts, men are women, children are sterilized, politics have converged with every aspect of society, and bugs are for dinner. Unfortunately the longer you stay the less it makes sense so to cope we’ve created a parody.

In an alternate timeline three-letter agencies are overthrowing the will of the people, zealots silence nonbelievers, poison is pumped into every household, and a handful of evil corporations control everything. It’s actually exactly like the reality we live in except funnier because it’s less puritanical.

Welcome to FiRSTWORLD where all of your favorite super villains from your current reality are conspiring to take over the timeline and the only thing standing in their way is their own incompetence.

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