JONATHAN HEDRICK: Prolific Comic Scribe

by 05.16.2023

It’s another exciting episode of The BARON EARLS Show with co-hosts Mike Baron and J.S. Earls! In today’s episode, we are joined by the extraordinary independent comic book writer, Jonathan Hedrick. Hailing from Central Florida, Hedrick has made a substantial impact in the comic book world with his creator-owned titles and contributions to several anthologies.

Jonathan Hedrick is the mastermind behind renowned titles such as The Recount (Scout Comics), Space Cadet (Scoot!), Hyper/Aware, and Caffeinated Hearts (both from Source Point Press), and Freakshow Knight (Second Sight Publishing). His unique storytelling technique and compelling characters have garnered a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

Recently, Hedrick contributed to the anthology Lower Your Sights (Mad Cave Studios), a heartwarming project aimed at raising support for children impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine. He is currently weaving captivating narratives for Dream Master (BlackBox Comics).

In this interview, we explore Hedrick’s creative process, delve into his illustrious journey in the comic book industry, and discuss his recent release, Quicksand (Scout Comics), as well as his upcoming work Capable (Advent Comics).

Don’t miss out on this riveting conversation with one of the most exciting voices in independent comics today. Whether you’re a seasoned comic book reader or new to the world of comics, this episode offers insights and experiences that are sure to inspire and engage you.

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