Target “pride” DISASTER! ONLINE sales DESTROYED, in-store sales WEAKEST in SIX YEARS!

by 08.16.2023

Target’s said its quarterly sales fell for the first time in six years — a result of customers’ “negative reaction” to its spring “Pride” clothing collection that featured “tuck-friendly” swimwear and LGBT-friendly gear for infants and children.

Target is NOT the same company it was just a few months ago before the boycott started in May it has been disastrous for their popularity and profitability. Target is also getting hit with new letters from attorneys general and a United States senator over what look like illegal hiring practices abusing their “diversity, equity and inclusion” programs. Additionally Target’s stock is down $14 billion, their store traffic is down 14%, they still haven’t apologized to their customers for their over the top LGBT merchandise push in June, while they have apologized to their employees and the LGBT community.

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